Founder and CEO of the Ford Foundation Outreach Ministry.  A well prepared and faithful Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ in many capacities while laboring at Faith Tabernacle Church under the leadership of Bishop Ray Llarena.  Graduate of GEM Theological Institute and licensed in 2001 under the tutelage, fathering and accountability of  Dr. William and Naomi Roberson and ordained by the Apostle John Carter of Faith Tabernacle Church of Chicago Illinois.   Ministerial credentials encompass all capacities in fulfilling the Great Commission.  An advocate for the homeless, lighthouse for the sexually abused, intercessor for the downtrodden and broken spirited...God is able....
In 2003 Pastor Ford was ordained under the ecclesiastical authorization of
Apostle, Dr. Shawnette Houghton of Labourers for Christ Ministries, a global ministry in Chicago Illinois.  Pastor Ford is an advocate for people living with AIDS in Chicago, and the Chicago Coalition for The Homeless. A member of the National Association of Ministers and a Board Member with the LFC-Apostolic Ecunemical Community Network of Kingdom Churches & Ministries. He was previously a board member of JoRay House, a transitional housing opportunity for HIV+ inmates transitioning into society.  Media appearances include "LifeLine" with Apostle Greg Howse of Cornerstone Christian Center, and the "Dr. Joe Rhoiney Show".  Interviewed with "Americans for Truth about Homosexuality", and "Singles Living For Christ".  Various speaking engagements pertaining to HIV/AIDS, and transforming Homosexuals. Author of  the book "REDEEMED" published by Authorhouse with a positive and powerful message for the homosexual thirsty for freedom.
A Virginia native, Pastor Karen Ford describes herself as an "in-time blood washed" miracle of the Savior with a passion and agony for the lost. After receiving her Associates Degree in Small Business Management from the Elizabeth Brant School of Business, she continued her education at Virginia Commonwealth University and received her BA.  She is a 1983 alumni. Pastor Ford graduated from GEM Theological Institute as Salutatorian, receiving her diploma in 2001. Licensed  and ordained with her husband under the tutelage of Dr. William and Naomi Roberson and the Apostle John Carter of Faith Tabernacle Church in Chicago Illinois. 
In 2003 Pastor Ford was ordained under the ecclesiastical authorization of
Apostle, Dr. Shawnette Houghton of Labourers for Christ Ministries, a global ministry with it's home base in Chicago Illinois.  Pastor Ford is a sought after speaker with pharmeceutical and private companies within the HIV/AIDS arena, in particular women impacted by HIV. In addition to television appearances with Lifeline and Dr. Joe Rhoiney, Pastor Ford has been published in several magazines including "Grace" magazine based in Chicago Illinois. Pastor Ford has a spiritual burden for those who are victims of incest and sexual exploitation.
The Fords are very committed to the "Marriage Covenant" and the biblical TRUTHS concerning marriage.  God ordains marriage.  HE is a witness to the covenant of marriage.  One Man and One Wife.
The Fords continue to volunteer with organizations such as St. Franciscan Ministries, Emmaus Ministries, New Life Home for Girls, Grace House, St. Leonard's Ministry and various shelters.